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The Fit, Happy, Healthy Forever Project

Starts 11th September- 6 week programme.

Brand new 6 week programme:

This programme is designed to take back control of your nutrition and lifestyle making simple and effective changes to help you achieve your goals.

The programme will start with a 9 day cleanse programme designed to kick start your journey and reset your metabolism, you will be given all of the nutritional supplements needed to help you on this programme: The remainder of the 6 weeks you will have a tailored nutrition programme to ensure that you are eating the correct fats/ carbs/ protein to help you achieve your goals whether they are weight loss, maintenance or gain.

We will be focusing on 3 areas: Nutrition, Exercise and mindset.

Nutrition has a huge impact on your mood, energy levels, sleep levels and so much more, so getting it right can make a huge positive impact in all elements of your life.

We will be incorporating daily exercise to help you feel at your best health, to help improve your fitness levels, to reduce injuries, increase mobility and core strength and feel strong.

Mindset: we will use lots of different tools to help you have a positive mental health, help you set and achieve goals, feel motivated and most importantly happy!

What’s included:
⭐️ 9 day cleanse programme which includes all supplements to support the 9 days, your choice of flavoured aloe drinking gel and protein shake.
⭐️ 2 x protein shake pouches (your choice of vanilla or chocolate- or both!)
⭐️2 months access to the online studio (usually £12 per month) you will receive access to over 500 pre recorded workouts plus 1 new workout added each week.
⭐️ One new workout sent via whattsapp per week.
⭐️ Digital recipe book
⭐️100s of additional recipes
⭐️Nutrition support and guidance
⭐️ Daily accountability in WhatsApp group chat.
⭐️ Weekly check in video with a theme to help you achieve your goals and make sustainable changes.
⭐️ Throughout the 6 weeks you also get 15% of all supplements if you wanted to purchase anything.
⭐️ You will also be invited to the next fitness day with a 50% discount code.

This would usually cost £275 in total… This 6 week programme will cost you £185

A little bit more about what you can expect:

The course is a little different to my previous Kick Start nutrition courses:

We will be kicking the 6 weeks off with a 9 day cleanse/detox programme. The aim for this is to get rid of any bloat and water retention, we will reset your hormones and start to get into some new habits. You should see differences in your. mood, skin, digestive system and more. There are 100s of yummy recipes to try and you will see some incredible results.

The following weeks are designed to help you make food choices to support your goals. No food is off limits, all food groups included with the goal of easy nutritional changes that will be sustainable and manageable. After 4 weeks you should be armed with knowledge and results to keep you going making this a long term programme with long term results.

To help with a happy mind we will be working through a variety of tools including positive affirmations, goal setting, gratitude journal and so much more. We use a variety of tools so that you can find out what works best for you!

Any questions please do get in touch

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