28 day Kick Start Elevate Programme


It’s not a quick fix or a short-term solution but a way to eat healthily, lose weight, optimise your fitness levels, change your body composition and improve your mental cognition. It’s HIGH PERFORMANCE Living.
You will receive the following:

  • Daily motivation and accountability (to help keep you on track and achieving your goals)
  • Daily coaching in the Facebook group
  • Shopping list and food plan
  • Recipe book
  • Lots of additional recipes in the Facebook group.
  • 5 workouts per week (these are 10 minute interval training sessions, so can easily fit in to busy schedules. We do these in the morning as they speed your metabolism for the rest of the day and the best option for fat burning- if you cannot fit them in the morning any time when you get a spare 10 minutes is great!)
  • Goal setting
  • Private group support (its such a lovely community in the Facebook group where everyone supports each other)

Week 1: reset and refocus. Week 2: Midsection Meltdown. Week 3: Lift lean. Week 4: change for life.

Course dates: 5th October- 1st November (28 day course)

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