24 Day Shred


Really excited to launch a brand new programme for 2024!

⭐️24 day Shred ⭐️

This programme combines nutrition, exercise, mindset, goal setting and all of the supplements needed to help you feel incredible inside and out.

The programme is set in two sections:
The 9 day reset helps you to feel great in just 9 days ! It is designed to kick start your weight loss , create new habits and adjust your mindset. In the 9 days you will start to have more energy, feel less bloated and likely to see changes in your skin.

This is followed by the 15 day that are designed to make your results sustainable and maintainable, it gives you a full nutritional food plan, nutritional education to help you make the best choices for you, tons of recipes, supplements to support your immune system and digestion system and help you to achieve the results you want. You will also be able to choose one of three exercise plans depending on your goals to help keep you on track. This programme also tackles goal setting, mindset and gives your lots of information to help understand your nutritional needs.

What you will receive as part of this programme:

⭐️24 day nutritional plan
⭐️24 days of top quality supplements
⭐️ 24 days of protein shakes
⭐️Private WhatsApp group support
⭐️ Weekly check ins
⭐️tons of recipes and exercise plans
⭐️Goal setting
⭐️2 months access to the NJ online studio with over 500 workouts
⭐️60 day money back guarantee

Usually the above would cost £291.61

If you wish to pay over 3 months contact me for a PayPal link!

Please do get in touch to make sure this programme is for you before making your commitment.

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